[Paraview] Distorted Images in Paraview

Christian Werner christian.werner at rwth-aachen.de
Mon Mar 22 05:14:29 EDT 2010

Jonathan provided the right answer to this problem here. It turned out 
that the output contained random artifacts in those places that weren't 
explicitely painted (the background). In VTK-only the output image 
somehow always initialized with 0, either on purpose or by pure 
coincidence, or because the filter is always reloaded in my bash 
sessions such that memory is freed. I don't know, but you obviously have 
to care about that yourself.

Best regards,

--I don't really understand your code (complete Vtk beginner here), but 
the artefacts in your paraview output look very much like uninitialized 
data. ie: it looks you paint the objects, but do not clear the 
background first.
--Doesn't entirely explain why plain vtk does not have this problem, but 
I expect that paraview is more complex, maybe increasing the chances 
that --you end up getting some recycled memory?

Christian Werner wrote:
> Hello!
> I am again having bad results in ParaView with my custom VTK filters 
> (you might notice that this is not the first time). I just don't know 
> what the problem is. Again, the filter works perfectly in VTK-only, 
> but in ParaView my result image has some serious errors (always, no 
> switching behaviour this time...).
> I have attached three images. The first one shows the original, the 
> second shows the result in vtk-only (removal of small objects), the 
> third shows the exact same filter compiled as a ParaView plugin.
> I have already spent a lot of time looking at examples and reading 
> matching chapters in the VTK Users Guide, I just do not see what I am 
> doing wrong. In my code, I use recursion to traverse through connected 
> components and pass on scalar pointers, is that a problem?? At least 
> some more basic filter doesn't produce errors. Or maybe I mistype 
> something? Am I breaking important rules? Is my coding style 
> intrinsically error prone?
> I'd really appreciate if somebody could look into this. I also 
> attached the very well documented code.
> Best regards,
> Christian
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