[Paraview] Development Install Tree

Utkarsh Ayachit utkarsh.ayachit at kitware.com
Mon Mar 15 14:47:02 EDT 2010

> Do we really need the suggestion of VTK_USE_CARBON=ON any more now that Qt 4.6 supports Cocoa just fine? (There could be a note saying that it should automatically detect your Qt setting, but maybe it's still needed...)

Agreed. We'll need to look into this to make is as painless as possible.

> Also, maybe the note about VTK_USE_RPATH=ON could be moved up to the Description of the build flag (since now it's a little deceptive -- I, at least, have had trouble building on the Mac with that flag OFF, and as written, if you don't read down the rest of the page, it seems to suggest it's possible or even advised).

RPATH=OFF should work on Mac as well. We've been doing that to build
the server executable tar-balls for the Mac. I will have to test that
one out.

> P.S. It may be nice to link to this page, too, from the Packaging section of Writing_Custom_Applications since the PARAVIEW_EXTRA_INSTALL_RULES_FILE stuff isn't covered there... (or, just copy and paste that little bit over to the branding page)

Well when I was thinking of PARAVIEW_EXTRA_INSTALL_RULES_FILE I was
only thinking of ParaView packaging, not custom app packaging. Since
if custom apps want to include some install rules for additional
libraries, they can always just put those rules in their
CMakeLists.txt. So, I am not sure how much use
PARAVIEW_EXTRA_INSTALL_RULES_FILE is going to be for custom
applications. The original goal was to make our life easier for
packaging on different platforms for building the ParaView binaries,
since invariably we have to install custom dll's or so's based on the


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