[Paraview] errors when trying to connect to the pvserver

Vishwa dagarshali at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 11:13:33 EST 2010

I have had a terrible time compiling paraview to use the pvsever on our
cluster. Not have privileges made it a little harder as I had to install a
local mesa library, cmake, qt4.

We finally compiled it and it ran on the head node and we could see the main
screen.. After a few time of trying, it started crashing with a segmentation
fault error.

I have compiled it as debug version.. and yet can't get any info when i run
it through gdb.

Finally i thought i will just run the pvserver on the headnode (
hpc4.iastate.edu) and when started it, i got the message waiting for

on my laptop , i configured a server and it was of the type client/server

and the port was 11111 and the command is as follows

 ssh -i /home/dagarshali/.ssh/id_rsa.pub vishwa at hpc4.iastate.edu pvserver
--reverse-connection --server-port=11111 --client-host=localhost

here i would like to mention that the hostname of the laptop is
olivegarden.. i am not sure if i have to leave it as localhost in the above
line or replace that with olivegarden?

when i try to connect, i get the following error message

line 708

vtkProcessModule (0x5c14f0): Server Error: Could not connect to client

and the path in the error is on the hpc4.iastate.edu

Any help?

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