[Paraview] Particle tracer: output particle coordinates for every time step to file?

Florian Rathgeber frat at kth.se
Mon Jun 7 08:54:14 EDT 2010


Thank you, that works, but gives me lots of data I don't actually need.
I would rather have something more concise.

Is anybody more familiar with the particle tracer and can tell what this
particle writing is supposed to do and how to get it to work?


On 04.06.2010 23:03, Andy Bauer wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not sure how the enable particle writing works in that filter.  I
> would just use either the VTK legacy writer or VTK Polydata file writer
> and check "Write all timesteps as file-series.".  You'll get a series of
> files from that.
> Andy
> On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 10:19 AM, Florian Rathgeber <frat at kth.se
> <mailto:frat at kth.se>> wrote:
>     Hi!
>     I am looking for a way to output the 3D particle coordinates computed by
>     the particle tracer to a file for every time step.
>     The particle tracer has this option "Enable Particle Writing", but
>     giving a filename and checking the box gave no result. I thought this
>     might be the feature I am looking for, but I couldn't find any
>     documentation (apart from the interface).
>     Does it do what I want? And if so, how? And if not, is there another way
>     to get the coordinates (potentially using the python interface?)
>     I am grateful for any hints and tips,
>     Florian
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