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Hang on a second.  It looks like the nature of your question changed.  First, you said you had numbered file series (file1.vtu, file2.vtu,...) that did not represent a time series that you wanted all loaded at once.  Now you are saying you have two file series (sphere1.vtu, sphere2.vtu,... and facet1.vtu, facet2.vtu,...) that represent time series.

ParaView should automatically understand each set of files as its own time series.  Simple load up sphere..vtu and then facet..vtu with two separate open commands.  Then hit play to see the time series or save animation to write out an entire image series.


On 7/21/10 12:50 AM, "ADERSH V K" <advk.tvm at gmail.com> wrote:

Ya exactly, the files are sphere1.vtu, facet1.vtu etc.  I want to make sphere1.vtu and facet1.vtu in to one frame,  that at time t=0, then sphere2.vtu and facet2.vtu in to a second frame, which is at the next time step etc.  and finally i want to make it as a continuous animation.   Is it possible?

Even if i want to open each one separately (one sphere and one facet and save as png file using Tools->Record Test Screenshots),  is it possible to code this task, may be using python, and execute in paraview?


On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 10:20 PM, Andy Bauer <andy.bauer at kitware.com> wrote:
I think ParaView is assuming that the files you're trying to open are from a time series.  This usually happens when the files are named like file1.vtu, file2.vtu,...  There are the vcr controls to animate if that's what you want to do.  Otherwise if you want all of the files loaded such that you can view them simultaneously you'll I think you'll need to open each one of them separately.


On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 11:05 AM, ADERSH V K <advk.tvm at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi to all

Recently I installed paraview in my debian system (3.2.2).  I have a large number of .vtu files, (spheres and facets).  When i try to open all all sheres together using paraview only the first one is coming.   But in the manual it is mentioned that a group of files can be opened together.   Why is this?

Also I want to create a video using these frames (Each frame contains sphere and facet).   Please help me...


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