[Paraview] How to do volume rendering of image data?

Steve Huntley stephen at xhuntley.net
Sun Jul 18 04:43:25 EDT 2010

Attached is a small sample vtk file that illustrates the problem. It is 
a rough representation of a human molar composed originally of 13 jpeg 
image slices, processed into a raw file with ImageJ, then saved to vtk 
by Paraview.

When I open the file in Paraview 3.2 I see a black block when I choose 
volume representation. The information tab describes it as a uniform 
rectilinear grid and shows number of points and cells, just like the 
info tab of the sample wavelet object described by Utkarsh does.

When I open it in Paraview 3.8, the statistics entries in the 
information tab are blank, and when I try to choose volume 
representation I get the error mentioned below.

Utkarsh, I'm not sure what you mean by "single component point scalars." 
Does this mean that color images with three scalar RGB values per grid 
node can't be volume rendered? If so, does that mean that what I'm 
currently attempting is impossible in Paraview? Or is there a way to 
hack RGB color information into single-value scalars and render a color 
3D image?

Moreland, Kenneth wrote:
> Nope. ParaView is just telling you that the current operation is not 
> supported.
> Probably the best course of action is to submit a feature request to 
> ParaView’s bug list (http://www.paraview.org/Bug) to which you can 
> attach an example file. I would also recommend entering the feature in 
> uservoice (http://paraview.uservoice.com/forums/11350-general). The 
> ParaView developers use this site to determine the priority of 
> suggested features.
> If you have an example data set that is not too big, you can email it 
> to the mailing list or directly to me and I can do these for you.
> -Ken
> On 7/17/10 2:38 AM, "Steve Huntley" <stephen at xhuntley.net> wrote:
>     Up to now I have been working with version 3.2. I just installed
>     version 3.8 to see if there were any differences in behavior.
>     In version 3.8 I'm not allowed to do volume rendering at all. When I
>     try to set the "Volume" representation option (which resulted in
>     display
>     of a black block in 3.2), I now get an error message that says "Cannot
>     volume render since no point (or cell) data available."

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