[Paraview] name blocks or sets and export them in X3D files

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Fri Feb 19 20:47:32 EST 2010

You cannot name blocks with a filter but you can name them if the reader
supports this feature. I believe a few readers support this feature - the
EnSight reader for example. I don't think the X3D exporter knows anything
about blocks though. It exports the scene directly and the geometry from the
blocks is merged before it makes it into the scene.


On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 1:18 PM, Pierre JUILLARD
<pierre.juillard at gmail.com>wrote:

> Dear ParaView users,
> I would like to know if it is possible to give names to blocks of data?
> For instance, I created a box and a cone using the adequate sources.I used
> then the "GroupDatasets" filters.
> With the obtained multiblock dataset, may I keep distinction between the
> box and the cone in ParaView, and may I give them a understandable name?
> Basically, I would have liked when using the "extract blocks" filter having
> displayed the name of the blocks for instance.
> (I send you a picture of my test: the filter names box_and_cone is actually
> a "group datasets" filter)
> The need behind is actually to create a test data for X3D display.
> Will then it be possible to export the data obtained as X3D file keeping
> track of the objects as different ones (because in ParaView, they are
> different blocks)?
> I thank you in advance for your help.
> Best regards,
> Pierre
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