[Paraview] VTK File Format Question

Sebastien Jourdain sebastien.jourdain at kitware.com
Mon Dec 13 03:07:07 EST 2010

Hi Jeff,

the points coordinates are implicit which mean that once you defined
your grid by its size/spacing/origin, your are fine. And the only
thing that is missing is the data that you try to show. Those data can
be located at each point of the grid or at the center of each cell
(cell: small boxes that compose the big one). Typically, this could be
the color that you want for them. But usually, it represent an
information (temperature, pressure, ...) and we use a lookup table to
convert those scalar value into a color, by setting the lookuptable
the way we want in term of color and alpha.


On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Jeff Johnson <jj56 at indiana.edu> wrote:
> Thanks, but I'm totally new to the VTK file format and ParaView, and the documentation is not clear. It seems like the STRUCTURED_GRID geometry is the proper one for what I need, but I can find virtually no examples of it's use. For instance, if I want to specify a set of unit cubes from a set of points, do I do that in POINT_DATA or CELL_DATA? If I want to color them and set an opacity, where does that information go? The documentation says that a lookup table is a set of RGBA values that is associated with scalar data, but what does the scalar data represent, and how do I associated it with the cubes?
> -Jeff
> On Dec 12, 2010, at 03:27 , Sebastien Jourdain wrote:
>> Hi Jeff,
>> on the help page of vtk (http://www.vtk.org/VTK/help/documentation.html)
>> you do have a link on the VTK file format.
>> You should be able to find all the informations that you need here:
>> http://www.vtk.org/VTK/img/file-formats.pdf
>> Seb
>> On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 8:44 PM, Jeff Johnson <jj56 at indiana.edu> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm using ParaView to visualize a dataset, and I'm trying to generate an ASCII VTK file that will specify a set of voxels, where each voxel has an associated color and opacity. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should format the file? It seems like this should be easy, but I can't make heads or tails of the documentation.
>>> -Jeff
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