[Paraview] Animate over files named by date & time?

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Fri Dec 10 09:50:40 EST 2010

Is there some standard convention for encoding date/time stamps in file names?  If there was, the file browser could group them together, which would in turn cause the file series reader to see them as a file series.  It would also be possible to change the file series reader to grab a time stamp from the file name.  This could be a good entry for UserVoice.


On 12/10/10 1:47 AM, "Favre  Jean" <jfavre at cscs.ch> wrote:

use the python shell within paraview

the following pseudo-code will get you almost there

import glob
files = glob.glob('foo_*.hdf')
# open the first file, set up your visualization, then get the object handle

reader = FindSource('foo_1995-03-21T01-00-00.hdf')

for i in files:
  reader.FileName = files[i]

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Swiss National Supercomputing Center

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