[Paraview] RE How to create a c++ plugin using 2 filters (cell data to point data + streamtracer) ?

Stephane PLOIX stephane.ploix at edf.fr
Thu Dec 9 10:11:04 EST 2010


You should try to update to a recent master, the notion of pre-filtering 
has been added to do just what you need. 
You can now create streamlines from cell-centered data, a cell to point 
interpolation is done for you.
You can control this by activating the "Auto convert property" from the 
settings menu.


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[Paraview] How to create a c++ plugin using 2 filters (cell data to point 
data + streamtracer) ?


I have some data that have velocities at cells data. I can use the 
CellDataToPointData filter and then apply the streamTracer filter.
But, I would like to have juste one filter doing this operation. From this 
filter, I would like to find in its GUI the same parameters as in 
StreamTracer and also select the vectors I want to display.
With the create custom filter it doesn't work because vectors combo box is 
empty. It is normals because CellDataToPointData has not been executed so 
streamTracer can't know that is has some vectors to add in the combo box.

So I write a C++ plugin that inherits from vtkStreamTracer but it is quite 
complicated. In fact, I have the same problem: the vectors are not 
displayed in the combo box. 

The input vector informations  parameters in RequestData has a 
vtkMultiBlockDataSet that contains geometries and velocities at cells data 
and the source for the streamtracer.
the output contains the vtkPolyData that will be generated by the 

So, I have to call RequestData 's CellDataToPointData for each block (for 
that I create a new request, a new input vector and a new output vector). 
Then I create a new multiblockDataSet that contains geometry and 
velocities at point data.  Then, I want to call RequestData 's 
StreamTracer but, it has no selected Vectors (velocity) on which doing the 

So where should I do the CellDataToPointData operation in my plugin in 
order to be sure that streamTracer can have a exposed vectors in the GUI.

I have tried in RequestDataObject (REQUEST_DATA_OBJECT request) but it 
doesn't work.

Any idea how to implement such a plugin ?

Thank you. 
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