[Paraview] Saving integrated data on an animated slice

Adriano Gagliardi agagliardi at ara.co.uk
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No worries. Glad you got it working!



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vtkUnsGrid.GetPointData().GetArray("SurfaceFlow").GetTuple1(0) returns none!

I tried this:

vtkUnsGrid.GetPointData().GetArray(0).GetTuple1(0) as "SurfaceFlow" is the
first array

And it works!!!!

I just have to add a "\n" in fout.write and I get one line per animation
step with the integrated value on the Clip.

Thank you very much!


Adriano Gagliardi wrote:
> Try this:
> vtkUnsGrid.GetPointData().GetArray("SurfaceFlow").GetTuple1(0)
> Should work.

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