[Paraview] Converting Longitude, latitude and Radius (distance) to XYZ (spherical coordonates)

Lester Anderson lester_anderson1963 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 09:48:05 EDT 2010


I have got a global sesimic tomgraphy grid loaded as a .pvd file (see attached) and it accurately plots the data comprising 56 layers as a structured grid:


Type: Structured (Curvilinear) Grid
Number of cells: 3564000
Number of points: 3659096
Memory: 1.1e+02 Mb

Data arrays

Anomaly (-6.7043, 6.879)


X Extent: -180 to 180 (dimension 361)
Y Extent: -90 to 90 (dimension 181)
Z extent: 0 to 55 (dimension 56)


X range: -180 to 180 (delta 360)
Y range: -90 to 90 (delta 180)
Z range: 3.58e+03 to 6.33e+03 (delta 2.75e+03)

The bounds are correct for what I need, i.e. Long, Lat and radius distance (km) from sphere centre. What I need is to change this to XYZ for spherical coordinates.
Apparently this should be possible using the calculator but I cannot see the process - any pointers here :)

What I am hoping to achieve is the data to be a structured grid in spherical geometry.


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