[Paraview] Elasticity: deformed geometry

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Apply the "Warp By Vector" filter.  In the common filters toolbar, it is the third from the right.  Its icon looks like a bending bar.


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I'm plotting data for an elasticity type problem.   I have a set of point coordinates "x"  for a body.   The body is deformed by a vector displacement field "u" so that the deformed coordinates "y" are given by:


If the source data file is an 'exodus' file, pv can scale the displacements 'u' by a user specified value - say alpha.   Then y=x+alpha*u.   This is part of the pv gui interface and it can do this for all time steps.

However, if the input is a collection file associated with a bunch of "vtu" files (one for each time step), then it doesn't seem possible to have this same functionality.  Is there a way to get the exodus type behavior with a "vtu" type file?


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