[Paraview] Creating Animations in Paraview, where's the Animation Inspector

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Thu Apr 22 22:27:18 EDT 2010


That is what the "Interpolate camera locations" track type choice is for.

To use it, set that type for the camera and then add the track. Now
double click on the track to pop up the Animation Keyframes dialog for
the path and then double click on any "Position ..." entry to get to
the camera location dialog. From there click on "use current" to copy
in the current camera value.

Note that although this lets you specify exactly where the camera is
located and pointed at, the interpolation between those points is not
a nice spline so making a nice animation with it is often not as easy
as it sounds.

I think, what we really need is a way to make the "use current" button
apply to nodes in the follow path or orbit modes. There might be a way
to do that that I am not aware of. If not please file a feature

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On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 9:38 PM, Olumide <50295 at web.de> wrote:
> I would like to create an animation in which the camera literally inspects
> various parts my model/scene. The sort of camera paths I need to specify are
> hard to manually describe as an animation curve (even very simple camera
> paths are hard to manually describe as animation curves).
> Is it possible to manually move the camera to various locations, and set a
> keyframe at each location as is the practice in 3d applications? This would
> be a _lot_ simpler than specifying animation curves by hand.
> Thanks,
> - Olumide
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