[Paraview] Define a constant value by block

Aurélien Marsan aur.marsan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 13:34:56 EDT 2010

Hello everybody,

Second question of this day.....
I'm using Paraview in order to analyse the flow in a compressor stage.
So I'm using MultiBlockDataSet, composed of several StructuredGrid. Some
turn, other don't.

In order to calculate some variables, as the absolute mach number for
example, I need to use the rotationnal speed, that depends of the number of
the Block in the MultiBlockDataSet. For example, block number 1 to 5 belong
to the row that turn, 6 to 12 to the row that is static.
One solution to define the rotationnal speed would be to store its value on
each point of each StructuredGrid, but it would use a lot of memory....

Do you know a better way to handle this ?


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