[Paraview] PV3.8.0 RC1 LIC and VisIt plugins

Richard GRENON richard.grenon at onera.fr
Fri Apr 16 12:18:14 EDT 2010

Zhanping Liu wrote:
> Richard:
>    Have you tried the following 5 LIC tests?
>    TestSurfaceLIC
>    TestImageDataLIC2D
>    TestStructuredGridLIC2DXSlice
>    TestStructuredGridLIC2DYSlice
>    TestStructuredGridLIC2DZSlice
>    If they fail or crash, it is most likely that the problem is due to 
> the OpenGL, GPU, and driver issues (as Utkarsh mentioned).
>    -Zhanping

I am ready to make other tests, but I am new to LIC. What are these 
tests? Where can they be found?
If you are speaking of the Filter "LIC on 2D structured grid", I have 
made this test with an aircraft skin in a multiblock 2D structured grid: 
I load the VTM file, I use the calculator to build a vector from the U, 
V, W scalar components, I apply the "Surface Vector" filter to make sure 
that the vector is everywhere tangent to the surface, then I apply the 
"LIC on 2D structured grid" filter and PV crashes!
I think I will make other tests with the Windows version on my personal 
computer that has a more recent graphic card than  my office workstation.


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