[Paraview] PV3.8.0 RC1 LIC and VisIt plugins

Richard GRENON richard.grenon at onera.fr
Fri Apr 16 10:43:36 EDT 2010

Utkarsh Ayachit wrote:
>>> 1. Is there somewhere a "how to" about using the LIC plugin?
>>> Using my own data with a simple 3D structured grid (vts) that has vectors,
>>> I extract a 2D grid, then I try to apply the "LIC on 2D structured grid"
>>> filter and PV crashes!
>>> Then, trying to reproduce the picture that is on the "PV 3.8 news" page, I
>>> read the disk file, extract a contour, then try to view it as "Surface LIC"
>>> and PV freezes!
> That sounds like an OpenGL error to me. What graphics card are you
> using? What platform? What version of graphics drivers?
> The LIC code is very testy when it comes to graphics cards (one of the
> reasons why it still sits out as a plugin instead of being included in
> ParaView proper).
> Utkarsh
Hi Utkarsh.

I would like to use the LIC plugin because it is exactly what I am 
looking for to plot skin friction lines on an aircraft skin. I tried it 
on a Linux-x86_64 Workstation (HP xw4200) with Redhat 2.6.18-92.el5 and 
an NVidia graphic card Quadro FX 1400 (Driver version 180.22).
Next week I will also try the Windows version on my personal computer 
with an Nvidia GeForce card (don't know the version, the computer is at 
home). What could help me is the pvsm state file that has been used to 
produce the picture on the "PV 3.8 news" page with the oil flow on an 
isosurface of the disk example. Is it available somewhere?

Best regards

 Richard GRENON
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