[Paraview] ParaView 3.7 from cvs on Mac OS X, x86_64, Qt 4.5.3 w/Cocoa

Chris Kees cekees at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 10:53:51 EDT 2009


I've noticed that the filters menu is greyed out after loading a valid  
data set on the version of paraview I built yesterday from cvs (also  
updated yesterday).  I have the same version of paraview built on an  
i386 mac using the Qt SDK instead of the Cocoa 32/64  framework, and  
it does not have this problem. Also, the filters appear to work (e.g.  
if I hit the isosurface button the filter runs correctly).  Any idea  
what is happening here? I believe somebody mentioned that the QtDBus  
framework is messed up in the Qt Cocoa package, maybe I just need to  
build Qt from source.


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