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Rafael March rafaelmarch3 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 26 13:07:45 EDT 2009


I'm programming a plugin for ParaView, whose purpose is to be a pre-processor for a finite element simulator. It is all based in selecting nodes or elements, and defining some regions - based on these - so that one can attribute boundary conditions to them. The main challenge seems to assure that the user will be able to select EVERY node or element he wants. So I'm treating all kind of selections, but I'm stucked in some problems and I have some questions:

1-Why the "New Range" button in the Selection Inspector is always deactivated ? Is this option already implemented in ParaView ? 

2-It would be pretty useful if the user could select all the nodes/cells in an coordinates interval. Is there anyway to do this ? Selection based on location only allows me to select one coordinate at a time, but I can't specify an interval. 

3-Is there anyway to "hide" selected cells/nodes ? I don't want to extract them with a filter (I would do this by just applying the Extract Selection filter) but just restrict the mesh in the screen to some subset. If I could do this, it would be easier (or even possible) to select some cells by picking. 

4-Finally, Is there anyway to control Frustum's shape or dimensions ? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Rafael March.

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