[Paraview] network created with box glyphs and tubes

Jérôme jerome.velut at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 04:01:06 EDT 2009


if your links are independent polydatas, you can simply apply a transform
filter with a 90deg-rotation to the ouput of your tube filters.


2009/10/23 Sreejith Pulloor <sreejithpk at gmail.com>

> Paraview,
> I am trying to create a network with some cubic pores connected by square
> links. For the pores, I applied the box glyphs and for getting square links,
> I applied the tube filter with 4 sides. And the final picture
> is attached.  Now if we look, the square cross section of the link lying
> diagonal to the cubic cross section. What i would like to have the cubic
> pores and square cross section aligned parallel. How can I do that? Any
> tips?
> thank you
> Sreejith
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