[Paraview] newbie: ascii to vector to gen. glyphs

Ned Gardiner ned.gardiner at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 22 23:44:36 EDT 2009


I've been working with a Maya animator with no success to visualize adcp
data from the Congo River. It's the most amazing dataset, and I want to
share it with others through visualization

I'd like to represent my x,y,z and velocity fields (delta-x, delta-y,
delta-z) in paraview.

The data were collected irregularly so can not be represented as structured

I thought I'd use an unstructured grid, but my data are not "cells" but are
rather points with velocity associated with each point.

My questions: what data type should I use? Could someone provide an example
data set or script to point out how to write the recommended data type?

Ned Gardiner
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