[Paraview] PV 3.4.0

Stephen Wornom stephen.wornom at sophia.inria.fr
Tue Oct 20 10:19:15 EDT 2009

Berk Geveci wrote:
>> I use PV 3.4.0 and doing animations requires that I cannot change my screen
>> while the animation frames are being made. There are 800 sets of data so it
>> takes time during which I cannot work.
>> The offscreen option made help but I believe that it has been reported that
>> a bug exists in 3.4.0 when using it. Has the offscreen bug been fixed in
>> later releases?
> It depends on what you mean :-) The bug has always been on the
> graphics card drivers. If you have a somewhat recent graphics card
> that is not one of the piece-of-crap Intel cards, it should work. I'd
> suggest trying it out.

Nvidia Quadro FX 3500 card

Is this a good graphics card?

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