[Paraview] [vtk-developers] annoying plugin-warning/errors

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Wed Nov 18 14:58:46 EST 2009


Thank you very much. It works perfectly. You've saved me a lot of pain



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This is a bug, and I just committed a fix to paraview cvs. Basically, the plugin manager did not find the required plugin given a plugin name.

Please let me know if you still has issues.

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 9:37 AM, Moreland, Kenneth <kmorel at sandia.gov<mailto:kmorel at sandia.gov>> wrote:

I think you sent this to the wrong list.  This is more a question for the ParaView mailing list than the VTK developers mailing list.

This sounds like a bug.  Please submit a report on it.  It sound similar to one I experienced earlier (where a plugin would report an error because it needed its twin on the client/server when in fact it was actually loaded there).  That other bug has been fixed but it looks like this oversight is still there.


On 11/16/09 5:13 AM, "Biddiscombe, John A." <biddisco at cscs.ch<http://biddisco@cscs.ch>> wrote:
I have noticed that the plugin manager reports errors such as
"Loaded, but missing required plugins" - when the required plugins are happily loaded.

Is this easy to fix?  If so, where shall I poke around?



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