[Paraview] export movie?

Michael Wild themiwi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 02:37:31 EST 2009

On 5. Nov, 2009, at 20:37 , Dominik Szczerba wrote:

> Michael Wild wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I cleaned up the patches and modified them such that the Ogg/ 
>> Theora  libraries and writer only compile when explicitly desired.
>> You can find the patches here: http://github.com/themiwi/ParaView/tree/patches/OggTheoraWriter
>> Please note that further fixes will be committed to the master  
>> branch  and will then get squashed into the patches/OggTheoraWriter  
>> branch,  which will be rebased onto current cvshead at the same time.
> Sorry, I was not able to understand that.
> Do they remain your personal patches or are being merged into CVS?

So far, they are still my personal patches. I just cleaned them up and  
now maintain them in the mentioned GIT branch because I don't want to  
attach them to the bug-tracker all the time.


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