[Paraview] Separate cell information

Utkarsh Ayachit utkarsh.ayachit at kitware.com
Fri May 29 10:14:46 EDT 2009

There's no way to get detail information about cell types i.e. number of
polys, number of verts etc. in a poly-data. However I am not sure I
understand your reason for having the verts. Do the triangles include all
the X points? If so, you can always swicth to "Points" representation and
look at those without glyphing.


On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 2:13 PM, David Doria <daviddoria at gmail.com> wrote:

> Often I will have a vtp file with X points, X vertices, and Y triangles. In
> the "information", it just says (X+Y) cells. Is it possible to have it
> display more specific information about how many of each type of cell (verts
> vs polys in this case) there are?
> Also, can you turn off the display of vertices? I usually just turn the
> point size down to 1, but they are still visible at the corners of the
> triangles. I like to keep the verts in the file though because then I can
> just switch from "surface" to "points" representation to see the vertices,
> without having to glyph the points.
> Thanks,
> David
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