[Paraview] multiple color legends on the same image

Dae Il Kim seoulbrother at gmail.com
Mon May 11 21:39:07 EDT 2009

Thanks for the info, but I hope folks don't mind if I ask a few more
questions to clarify this procedure. I've never used calculator before and
it seems hard to find any tutorials on this particular topic. However, I'd
like to just clarify exactly what I'm trying to do so that I'm not asking
the wrong question.

I'm applying paraview to overlay a functional brain activation over a
template I've specified. The brain map has both positive and negative values
and when I apply a contour filter to this object, I can specify a range to
show only some of the positive values, compute its gradients and devise an
appropriate legend. When I create a new contour filter to show the negative
ranges with the hope of showing another color legend that reflects negative
activation, this is where I run into the problem of my first color legend
immediately changing to whatever I now specify. Having said all that, how
does one duplicate datasets in calculator with the ability to specify only
part of the range of values so that only the negative activations are shown?

Again thanks for the help and if there is a good tutorial one could
recommend to me so I could get some better grounding with this program, I
would be most grateful. Thanks!

-Dae Il

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 7:52 AM, Moreland, Kenneth <kmorel at sandia.gov>wrote:

>  Some background information: ParaView makes the coloring for all
> variables of the same name consistent.  This is done to prevent misleading
> coloring when showing data from different parts in the pipeline or different
> data sets or different views.  If you want to break out of that behavior,
> you have to rename the field on one of the data sets.  John’s suggestion is
> the easiest way to change the field name.
> -Ken
> On 5/11/09 12:25 AM, "John Biddiscombe" <biddisco at cscs.ch> wrote:
> It's awful, but it works.
> Use the calculator filter to copy one dataset to another. Change the name
> of the scalar array you are displaying. when you enable the colour legen for
> the new data, it will have a new name and so use a new colour lookup table.
> You can now display both independently.
> JB
> Hi all,
> I'm a bit of a newbie here, but I've been having some trouble trying to
> figure out a way of creating multiple color gradients and legends on the
> same image. In other words, I have an object that I use a contour filter for
> that should have a different gradient than another object with a different
> contour filter, but the moment I change the color gradient for one, the
> other automatically changes. Is there a way to create two contour filters
> with different color maps and legends?
> Thanks,
> Dae Il
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