[Paraview] extract surface of multiblock mesh

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Mon Mar 30 09:58:13 EDT 2009

You may want to be clipping the surface, not the feature edges (which should be just lines where the mesh bends sharply).

MergeBlocks->Clean to Grid->ExtractSurface->Clip


On 3/30/09 2:11 AM, "Paul Edwards" <paul.m.edwards at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Chris,

Use the "Clean to Grid" filter to merge all the duplicate points before extracting the surface.  So,

    MergeBlocks->Clean to Grid->ExtractSurface->FeatureEdges->Clip


2009/3/27 Chris Kees <christopher.e.kees at usace.army.mil>

I would like to extract the surface mesh of a 3D tetrahedral mesh and clip off one boundary to see what is inside. This is to visualize a flow simulation around an object inside a tank.  The tetrahedral mesh is partitioned into 512 subdomains so if you look in the information viewer you see
        Block 0
                0: UnstructredGrid
                511: UnstructuredGrid

So far I've tried MergeBlocks->ExtractSurface->FeatureEdges->Clip and various permutations that I've seen in previous posts and the wiki, but I always end up with the  surfaces on the interior of the tank as if it still sees each subdomain as a closed surface.  I'm sure people do this all the time, but I can't seem to get it right. I'm wondering if I've written the data incorrectly so there is no simple way for paraview to eliminate internal processor boundaries from the domain.

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