[Paraview] Problems in loading plugin

Rafael March rafaelmarch3 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 23 12:29:10 EDT 2009


As Berk corrected me, I've
compiled my plugin under the same Qt version of the ParaView distro
which is in the website. Now, it is built under the following

Operating System: Windows Vista Business - SP1Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition 8.0.50727.867no pythonQt 4.3.5 open source version

ParaView of Kitware's site:

 Built on Windows XP Professional Version 2002 (Service Pack 3) 
 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition 8.0.50727.762
 python 2.5.2
 Qt 4.3.5 open source version
But is still doesn't work ! I got another machine that never
saw ParaView before, installed it, and tryied to load the plugin. Then
I get a message like "The file "blabla.dll" is not a valid Qt plugin. 

I'm wondering if the problem is the slight difference between the visual studio versions. Or maybe the OS. What can be wrong ? Why I can't load my plugin with the ParaView binaries provided in the website ? 

Rafael March.

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