[Paraview] Ensight Imort Multiblock Datasets

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Wed Jun 24 09:36:14 EDT 2009

> using the latest cvs I have problems:
> from libvtkGraphicsPython import *
> ImportError: libvtkGraphicsPythonD.so.pv3.7: File not found

Strange. Are you building with rpath off? You may have to set your
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to where the ParaView libraries are.

>    * First reading mutliblockdataset and extracting blocks afterwards
>      doubles memory requirements I think?

Nope. I used shallow copy which copies pointers to the actual data
arrays. This would use a bit of extra memory - for some pointers
essentially. For something bigger than a few Kbytes, this would be
completely negligible. It should also be super fast as there is no
copying going on. Let me know if you run into performance problems. It
may be a bit slow to create 80 pipeline elements because it is going
to create object inspector panels for each.

>    * I still have all parts as a mutliblockdataset i think which I do
>      not like (some filters do not run ...)

Nope. The output of each filter will be a vtkDataSet - whatever you
block data type is. Note that this script works only for multi-block
datasets that are 1 layer deep (such as the one produced by Ensight).
It would not do the right thing if your multi-block tree is deeper.


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