[Paraview] Formatting of text input for loading in Paraview

m_suradkar at iitb.ac.in m_suradkar at iitb.ac.in
Mon Jun 22 14:09:04 EDT 2009


I am Mahendra Suradkar, a 4th year student from IIT Bombay. I wish to view
results of MD simulation of 2D circular disks using Paraview.  I am new to
using paraview, and have still not figured out as to how to format the
text data to make it paraview readable. I have searched several forums,
and all of them say that the text should be formatted in a particular way,
but none of them mention explicitly as to how to format it!

The data I have is set of N disks of diameter d and another M disks of
diameter D. Now this is available as a sequence for different times. Using
these positions of the two types of disks at different times, I wish to
secure an animated view of the disks from the data.

Could you please tell me how exactly the text-data has to be formatted? Or
please provide links to resources on the web that contain the format

Thank you,
Mahendra Suradkar
4th year Dual Degree Student
Chemical Engineering
IIT Bombay
Ph no: +91 9619184954

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