[Paraview] Pv as 3D file format converter

Ben Harrison ben.harrison at liquidmesh.com
Tue Jul 21 23:39:22 EDT 2009

I want to ask the opinion of experienced users before I begin using
Paraview. I am already using two other 3D modelling packages for very
different purposes, and need a way to pass files between them. The list of
available export file formats from the first modelling package is quite
short, and the list of import file formats for the second is also very
short. Currently we are able to use 2D DXF, but not 3D DXF. Instead, I have
had some success with STL as an interchange format for 3D files. I need to
at the least convert surface meshes to STL from either DXF, or TSURF (GoCad:

It seems to me on first look that Paraview might be a good front-end for the
vtk library, which I think can do the file conversions I need. So I would
like to know if it would be worthwhile to use Paraview for converting my
files? Am I on the right track?

I'm not familiar with Python, but I'm not shy of learning some new skills.

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