[Paraview] Paraview 3,6.1 crashes on Windows Vista 32

Richard GRENON richard.grenon at onera.fr
Tue Jul 21 04:56:58 EDT 2009


I downloaded the Paraview 3.6.1 binaries for Windows at 
http://www.paraview.org/files/v3.6/paraview-3.6.1-win32-x86.exe and I 
installed it on a Windows Vista 32 bits System.

Installation is OK, but when starting Paraview I get this error message 
from Windows:

"C:\Program Files\Paraview 3.6.1\bin\python23.dll is not buit to run on 
Windows or it contains errors. Please install again..."

Of course installing again does not help.
But as Paraview 3.4.0 works fine, I tried to replace "python25.dll" in 
Paraview 3.6.1 by "python25.dll" from Paraview 3.4.0.
Then Paraview 3.6.1 starts and I can draw my data, but the Help menu (or 
Help by pressing F1) fails and I get this error message from Paraview:

"Failed to start Qt assistant."

So what happens with PV 3.6.1 ? I am rather disappointed as PV 3.4.0 is 
working without a problem.

Thank you in advance for your help.

 Richard GRENON
 Departement d'Aerodynamique Appliquee - DAAP/ACI
 8 rue des Vertugadins
 phone : +33 1 46 73 42 17
 fax   : +33 1 46 73 41 46
 mailto:Richard.Grenon at onera.fr

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