[Paraview] Mimicking the 'set view plane direction' GUI buttons in Python script

Jean M. Favre jfavre at cscs.ch
Thu Jul 9 05:18:33 EDT 2009

Adriano Gagliardi wrote:

> //=======================================
> Is it possible Render() calls ResetCamera()? 
> ===================================

You may look at the source code in

def Render(view=None):
    """Renders the given view (default value is active view)"""
    if not view:
        view = active_objects.view
    if _funcs_internals.first_render:
        _funcs_internals.first_render = False
    return view

So, it would seem that if a first rendering has not been done, then yes,
it calls ResetCamera. Try doing a Render call before setting your
camera, and then follow your usual procedure

Swiss National Supercomputing Center

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