[Paraview] [newbie] Animating time-series MFIX data

Mark S. Bentley mark at lunartech.org
Thu Feb 12 05:24:35 EST 2009

Hi all,

Please excuse my "newbie" question - I'm a new ParaVIEW user this week. 
I have a time-series dataset generated from the MFIX CFD code that I 
want to visualise. I have no problem loading and displaying the data.

I can generate an isosurface, for example, and animate such that the 
isosurface value changes over time. But I cannot seem to animate over 
the time series data (e.g. for a constant isosurface value).

For example if I change the Time Step slider in the Object Inspector and 
apply, the view updates to reflect the data at that time step. However 
if I add an animation track (Cell Arrays) the display does not update 
during the anim.

Hopefully this is a simple newbie question :) Thanks in advance for your 



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