[Paraview] ParaView 3.6.2 release imminent

Dave Partyka dave.partyka at kitware.com
Wed Dec 30 17:41:51 EST 2009

Hi all,

The ParaView 3.6.2 release is now imminent! At this time I would like to
provide the latest set of binaries (Release Candidate 3) to anyone
interested in trying them out whilst I tag the repository and generate the
final binaries.

Win32: http://www.paraview.org/files/v3.6/paraview-3.6.2-rc3-win32-x86.exe
Win64: http://www.paraview.org/files/v3.6/paraview-3.6.2-rc3-win64-x86.exe
Mac App:
Mac Command Line:

Two significant new features to 3.6.2 are that the Mac application bundle
and comand line tools are now built as universal binaries (PPC and Intel
i386). This simplifies our build process by reducing the number of packages
we maintain.

The second difference is the inclusion of the VisTrails plugin in the
Windows and Linux packages. VisTrails is an open-source scientific workflow
and provenance management system developed at the University of Utah that
provides support for data exploration and visualization. Whereas workflows
have been traditionally used to automate repetitive tasks, for applications
that are exploratory in nature, such as simulations, data analysis and
visualization, very little is repeated---change is the norm. See
http://www.vistrails.org/index.php/Main_Page to learn more.

The Release notes that appeared in the October Kitware Source describe
further new features:

ParaView's Python interface was revamped, an exciting new extension to the
Paraview Python interface is Python trace. The goal of trace is to generate
human readable, not overly verbose, Python scripts that mimic a user's
actions in the GUI. See the "Python Trace" article on page 6 of the October
2009 Kitware Source for more details.

ParaView 3.6.2 also include a collection of statistics algorithms.
You can compute descriptive statistics (mean, variance, min, max, skewness,
kurtosis), compute contingency tables, perform k-means analysis, examine
correlations between arrays, and perform principal component analysis on
arrays.  More information about these filters is available on the ParaView
Wiki at http://www.paraview.org/Wiki/Statistical_analysis.

Please feel free to notify me of any issues experienced with these binaries.

Happy Holidays!
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