[Paraview] cannot get streamlines on unstructured meshes

Georg Stadler georgst at ices.utexas.edu
Tue Dec 29 20:18:22 EST 2009


        While all paraview features work perfectly fine for my
unstructured mesh output, I cannot get streamlines to show up (or they
are too small to see). This only happens on warped geometries -- if the
geometry is a Cartesian box, everything works.
I've tried the CleanToGrid feature to align nodes and avoid holes due to
roundoff in the mesh, but not had any success.
It must be some simple problem, for instance caused by not perfectly
aligned elements, but I do not see the problem. I'd highly appreciate
any hint.

Here is a small test example where I have the problem (I use v3.4 but
have tried other versions as well)

Thanks everybody,


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