[Paraview] How To build plugin on Mac OS X

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Mon Dec 28 09:54:52 EST 2009

Inside the ParaView.app bundle, in with all the paraview and vtk  
libraries does "libvtkPVServerManager.dylib" exist? This is a typical  
OS X situation where you may have to adjust the "install_name" with  
"install_name_tool" in order to allow all the libraries to load. A  
"not recommended" hack is to also add to the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH as  
appropriate, but that is just really considered more of a work around  
and VERY prone to failure.


On Dec 27, 2009, at 5:18 PM, Erik Rasmussen wrote:

> Hello,
> I've spent a week or two googling and experimenting to correctly  
> build and install plugins on Mac OS X.   When I think I've done  
> things right... in order to build a paraview that looks in the  
> standard spots and loads the plugins... I get errors like
> Cannot load library <myPath>/SAMreader/libSAMReaderPlugin.dylib:  
> (dlopen(<myPath>/SAMreader/libSAMReaderPlugin.dylib, 5): Library not  
> loaded: libvtkPVServerManager.dylib
>   Referenced from: <myPath>/SAMreader/libSAMReaderPlugin.dylib
>   Reason: image not found)
> I have two plugins that work on Ubuntu Linux... pretty much as  
> advertised by building them and putting them in one of the  
> recognized spots.
> Now I need to make a paraview app plus my plugins available to a few  
> grad students that work with me.
> My software is this:  Mac OS X 10.6, Qt 4.5.3, ParaView 3.6.1
> I want to build my plugins outside the paraview build directory.  I  
> then want to make them available in a version of paraview that does  
> not require a download of Qt.  I would like to just bundle paraview  
> and my plugins up, and send them to the students.  I would also like  
> to be able to update the plugins, or add plugins at a future time,  
> without redistributing the paraview app to them.
> I probably need a step-by-step guide, including which apps & args to  
> run at the CL, and values to assign to cmake variables via ccmake.
> Maybe I can help update http://paraview.org/Wiki/Plugin_HowTo  if I  
> can have some success with this.
> Thanks in advance...
> Erik

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