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Hi, Raashid,

I did search the mailing list before I posted the question.

I found some communication about practicle tracing, but, it seems that it is not quite what I am looking for (seems more complex than what I am trying to do).  I do not quite understand what the solution was either.

I will think that the people who do Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics must be doing this on daily basis.  And in my case, it is even simpler because I do not have to worry about flow field -> only the potions of the particles as a function of time.



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>>I did a simple calculations of particle motion under magnetic fields 
>> using perl. I would like to plot the particles as a function of time.
>> What format should I use to save for paraview to be able to read 
>> in? The particles has attributes of: size, time, coordinate in X, 
>> coordinate in Y, and coordinate in Z. The particles were initially 
>> randomly distributed within a (Xmin, Ymin, Xmax, Ymax) domain. 
>> There is no mesh required.

>> Is there any examples/tutorials on something like this?

>> It will be highly appreciated if someone can point to me a direction.

I think this question has been asked and answered before.
You can search the earlier mailing list.

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