[Paraview] Setup a Tiled-Display on a Windows XP Rendering Cluster

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Mon Dec 7 09:43:39 EST 2009

You must be very brave to attempt to try to drive a tiled display with a Windows cluster.  In my experience it is quite difficult to work with MPI jobs on Windows clusters.  (I hear that the MS HPC platform should be better, but there may be other issues with driving graphics cards on them.)

At any rate, this may simply be an issue with your pvserver MPI job not having access to the Windows console.  I don't think the Windows OS is generally all that keen on giving a remotely launched application access to the console graphics, so the MPI implementation needs to work around that somehow.  I don't know if, for example, MPICH can do that.


On 12/7/09 2:18 AM, "Lars Bilke" <lars.bilke at ufz.de> wrote:

Hello again,

I´m trying to bump up this question. Did nobody tried ParaView on
Windows cluster? Or it is not possible at all?

Thanks in advance,
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