[Paraview] Bug in Slice representation or in my XML ?

Jérôme jerome.velut at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 05:29:58 EDT 2009

Hi Jean,

- I was aware of the missing scalars->SetName("blabla") instruction. I think
I have to post it on the VTK mailing list: I find it terrible to have to
derived a VTK class like vtkImageGaussianSource to a
vtkPVImageGaussianSource, to give a CMakeList with cxx code, for the only
purpose to overload one function and to add one line. I do that by now!!
I proposed the ImageMagnitude hack in order to produce only an XML that will
expose the VTK classes without compilation.

Question to developers would be: Has ParaView to be less restrictived about
existenz of Point/Cell Data name, or has VTK to be more strict about setting
a name, in all cases, to data?

- Today I am working on a Windows XP computer. And yes, you are right, I
cannot reproduce the bug. My Fedora looks problematic then. I will wait
until may, for Fedora 11. New system, new libs, maybe new behaviours?

Many thanks for your time!


2009/4/20 Jean M. Favre <jfavre at cscs.ch>

> Jérôme wrote:
> > Dear list,
> > Please find attached an XML that will expose vtkImageGaussianSource and
> > vtkImageMagnitude to ParaView
> > First of all, vtkImageGaussianSource behaves like it does not produce any
> > data :
> >    - Add a Gaussian Source to the pipeline,
> >    - Apply
> >    - Then go to the information panel of the object inspector : No data
> > arrays !!
> This behavior can be traced back to the fact that the vtkDataArray
> allocated in VTK/Filtering/vtkImageData.cxx does not name the array.
> ParaView needs all data fields to be named. Adding this single line of
> code makes wit work.
> scalars->SetName("scalars");
> For the rest of your comments concerning slicing and information, I
> cannot reproduce any of the symptoms you mentioned. Slice representation
> works fine and the Extents are not touched AFAIK.
> Jean --
> Swiss National Supercomputing Center
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