[Paraview] How to show my Reader in "File of type" when I open my documents?

binbin0406 binbin0406 at 163.com
Thu Apr 2 06:31:30 EDT 2009

Hi everyone:
  I have written a Reader for my ducuments. This plugin can be build and used successfully within paraview,but I can't show it in "File of type".
It's like that when I want to open my document which is type of *.sgn.There is not a option of *.sgn in "File of type".I must choose the "All files" to show my documents(*.sgn) and then open them. Can anyone tell me how can I add my ducument type of the Reader in "Flie of type"? So that I can choose the option *.sgn in "File of type" to show my documents(*.sgn) when I want to open them.
  Thanks very much !
Jackie Chen 

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