[Paraview] Building a plugin that works with Mac binary distribution

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Mon Nov 3 13:01:56 EST 2008

Does anyone have experience building a plugin on Mac that will work with the
binary distribution of ParaView?  I tried getting the 3.4.0 source,
compiling with the same dependent libraries as listed on the Wiki, and then
compiling my plugin against that, but it did not work.

I think the issue is with getting the libraries to link.  If I compile
ParaView with rpath off, the plugin fails to load with an unhelpful error
saying that it is not a valid Qt plugin.  If I compile ParaView with rpath
on, then the libraries get hard coded against my build.  If I try to load
the plugin on my machine, I get an error about Qt objects being in different
threads, which I think is because the plugin is using a different set of
Qt/VTK/ParaView libraries then the application.  I suspect it would not load
at all on another machine.

How do you get the libraries to resolve correctly?


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