[Paraview] replacement for ProbeLocationOverTime filter?

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Wed Jun 4 09:21:46 EDT 2008

> There used to be a ProbeLocationOverTime filter in Paraview 3.2.1 that
> could produce an XY plot of a variable value at a selected location
> versus time, but this is gone in the development version of Paraview
> 3.3.0.  Is there a simple way to reproduce this capability in 3.3.0?
> (I recall that the ProbeLocationOverTime was very, very slow because
> ParaView would try to render the data for the entire domain and each
> frame in the time sequence, instead of just reading and storing the
> single data value at the selected location from each time dump.)

There is a "fast-path" option for doing reading only the selected
element/point attributes but the reader has to support it. Currently,
only the Exodus reader supports this feature. If you have your own
reader or you are using Exodus, I can give you more information.

> What I *actually* want to do is slightly more complicated than this.  I
> need to plot the radial displacement of a selected point along a tube
> from its original position as a function of time.  The radial position
> is not a field variable, but rather can be computed from the location in
> the YZ plane.  (The X axis runs along the cylindrical tube in my
> geometry.)  So is there a way to do a time series of each frame versus
> frame 0, select a particular point in the mesh, and produce an XY plot
> of the difference in radial position versus time?

You may be moving into "write your own filter" territory here. I would
like to see the programmable filter support time series in the future
but it is not there yet.


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