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Burlen Loring burlen.loring at kitware.com
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Hi, glad I could help. Kdev is really a good tool and it would be great 
to see more support for kitware apps natively. I suspect we will see 
this sometime in the (near?) future as KDE is now using cmake. I suppose 
it's up to us to make it happen though. ;) As far as debugging PV it 
depends on if you are running client server or just the client. If you 
are running just the client, from the top  of your build directory

gdb bin/paraview

If you want to debug the servers you can attach to their running 
processes. Here is a bash script that I have used:

# start of script
# attach gdb to paraview servers
PIDS=`pidof pvserver`

for PID in $PIDS
#   CMD="ddd --pid=$PID"
  CMD="xterm -geometry 200x40 -bg black -fg white -T $PID -e gdb --pid=$PID"
  $CMD &
  echo "$CMD attched to $PID"
#end of script

Also if you use mpich2 there is a debugging interface that pipes what 
you type into the debugger to all processes. In my experience this has 
not worked as well as it could.
Of course you should use your favorite debugger/interface. Emacs seems 
to be very popular, and looks really nice, but I haven't mustered the 
motivation to tackle yet another set of strange key bindings.


Nathanael Inkson wrote:
> Hi Burlen,
>    Thanks for your help. It was most useful. I think a lot of the
> problems I was having was due to the naming conventions of the vtk parts
> of the project. Everything seems to be working now thanks.
> Could you recommend the best way to debug the project?
> It would be nice if cmake could somehow be integrated into Kdevelop one
> day.
> Anyway thanks again,
> From Nat.
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> Hi
> I use Kdev with paraview as well. I use it as an editor mainly and I 
> don't build or debug PV via kdev. As far as I know Kdev uses automake 
> under the covers to build stuff, and that is inconsistent with PV so I 
> don't bother with those features. You can add files to the project by 
> file->new. But, you also have to add them to CMakeLists.txt file in the 
> appropriate directory by hand. (You may be able to skip file->new if you
> are willing to run cmake to regenerate your project files).
> Burlen
> Nathanael Inkson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm new to developing in a linux environment. I am using Paraview CVS 
>> version with a Kdevelop project I generated using ccmake -GKDevelop3 
>> command. This is fine although the debugger doesn't seem to work.
>> My question is this: what is the easiest way to add new source files 
>> (and directories) to the project?
>> KDevelop won't recognise new files even if they are added to the
> project.
>> Should I edit the cmake lists?
>> Any help appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> From Nathanael.
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