[Paraview] What could cause a reader's code not to be accessed?

Jean Favre jfavre at cscs.ch
Thu Jul 17 07:47:46 EDT 2008

Samuel Crow wrote:
> Hello again,
> My practice reader creates a file in its constructor and closes it in its destructor.  There is no file created when I put my "libCubeReaderGUIPlugin.dylib" and "libCubeReaderSMPlugin.dylib" into /usr/local/plugins/ , enter them into the plugin manager requester in the appropriate list gadgets, and try to open a *.cube file that I created.  The attempt at reading the file just produces 2 outputs with the first being a polygonal mesh with one point and no polygons in it, and the second being an unused uniform rectalinear grid.

you are seeing interference between your own Reader and a reader already 
supported by ParaView for the Gaussian Cube file format. The Gaussian 
Cube file takes precedence, and creates the two outputs you describe. 
Your own reader is not being executed.

here is a short excerpt from Servers/ServerManager/Resources/readers.xml

   <SourceProxy name="gaussiancubereader" class="vtkGaussianCubeReader"
                label="Gaussian Cube reader">
       short_help="Read Gaussian Cube data files."
       long_help="Produce polygonal data by reading a Gaussian Cube file.">
       The Gaussian Cube reader produces polygonal data by reading data 
files produced by the Gaussian software package. The expected file 
extension is .cube.

     <OutputPort name="Output" index="0" />
     <OutputPort name="Gridded Data" index="1" />

Jean --
Swiss National Supercomputing Center

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