[Paraview] WG: reloading files

Simone Deparis simone.deparis at epfl.ch
Tue Jul 8 12:25:47 EDT 2008

Sören Freudiger wrote:
> could give that one a try. but I don't wanna reload the hole setup,
> especially if more than one file are opened.
> no, a reload button is the only right way in my eyes...
> I submitted a report to mantis :-)

I did insert a similar report yesterday 0007298
(I had some problems with mailcleaner treating the confirmation email as
I also think a reload button would help.

>> can  you set everything up in paraview (workflow and all) then save a
>> "Paraview session" file. Then "delete" your entire workflow, and load
>> the saved session file when the sim is complete.

I tried this and for me it is not working. The saved session also stores
the timesteps, therefore the new timesteps are ignored and/or an error

Thank you,

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