[Paraview] Strugging with 3D widgets and plugins

Paul Edwards paul.m.edwards at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 13:10:30 EDT 2008


Did you actually manage to get your own 3d widget as a plugin or were
you reusing an existing one?  I'm still unsure how to get this
working.  Do you have any example code for it?


2008/7/7  <clinton at elemtech.com>:
> On Friday 04 July 2008 8:50:26 am Paul Edwards wrote:
>> I've read on the list that it is possible to create 3D widgets as plugins:
>> http://www.paraview.org/pipermail/paraview/2008-March/007315.html
>> I have attempted this using the LineWidgetSource in the ParaView
>> source code.  I just search for all files relating the the line widget
>> and renamed all files and classes.  Then I tried to make plugins for
>> it.  The plugins it creates does not seem to use the pq* classes.
>> Have I missed something in the XML?  I have attached my source code.
>> [Note: My aim is to create a widget for moving points in a structured
>> mesh - hence MoveableMesh!]
>> Any help would be appreciated,
>> Paul
> The recognized 3d widget sub-panels that get embeded in an object panel are
> hardcoded in ParaView.  I had to make my own object panel to get my 3d widget
> sub-panels to show up, and you could do the same.  The hardcoding probably
> needs to be removed and replaced with something that allows customizing.
> Clint

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