[Paraview] paraview making up numbers

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Wed Jul 2 15:43:53 EDT 2008

It is required that all pieces in an XML unstructured file have the
exact same set of arrays. It is by coincidence that you are
experiencing crashes. You need to use multi-block dataset to group
together pieces with different fields. You may want to look at using
the XML-based multi-block file format (vtm extension) or EnSight
format for this. The former is not well documented yet, I am afraid.


On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 4:46 PM, John Doe <ufnoise at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have devices composed of pieces using an unstructured mesh in the
> xml file format.  Some of the pieces don't have data in them.  It
> appears that paraview makes up numbers for these regions.  Sometimes
> the numbers are unphysical, e.g. 1e+307.  Sometimes the numbers seem
> to be based on data from adjacent pieces.  Is there any way to tell
> paraview to use a reasonable values in regions for which data is not
> presented.
> This becomes important as each region (piece) of my device can have
> completely different physics.
> Thanks,
> Juan
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