[Paraview] Re: examples of pvbatch?

Matthew Bettencourt matt at mail.bettencourt.info
Thu Jan 31 09:04:18 EST 2008

this is most likely getting off topic for the PV maillist.

What i am talking about is this,

if i take a data set that is 100x100x1 and import it into visit i can 
color it,  visit says it is a 2d dataset
if  i import a 1x100x100 dataset into visit, i can viz it as a 3d dataset.

if i import both, i can't viz both becuase visit won't let me mix 2d and 
3d datasets.    I am not sure i am doing something wrong or not.  I do 
know that if i take the initial dataset and turn it into a 3d dataset 
via surface (I can't recall the exact name of the filter, but DX calls 
it rubbersheet) i can then view both slices at the same time.  Maybe 
there is a way to promote the 2D data to 3D that would make visit 
usable, not sure though.


Fabian Braennstroem wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> matt at mail.bettencourt.info schrieb am 01/30/2008 09:26 PM:
>> VISIT seems very limited in the types of data that it can read in, i 
>> can't
>> mix and match an XY slice w/ a YZ slice for example without dumping the
>> full 50GB dataset because it thinks that the XY slice is 2d and the yz is
>> 3D...
> This sounds strange ... I am not sure, if I got your problem and I am no 
> expert in visit, but can't you adjust the 2d and 3d setting for the 
> slices? I did not have to handle such large datasets yet, but I thought 
> visit is, like paraview, developed for such large datasets ...
> In terms of data format visit has AFAIK more formats by default than 
> paraview.
> Just a small python 'plot line example':
> OpenDatabase("/usr/gapps/visit/data/rect2d.silo")
> AddPlot("Pseudocolor", "x-velocity")
> DrawPlots()
> Lineout((0.2,0.2), (0.8,1.2))
> Regards!
> Fabian
>>> Hi,
>>> I can recommend using 'visit' for python batch usage. There
>>> you can easyly record powerful python macros on the fly,
>>> which makes it much easier for python scripting; at least as
>>> long as there is no such a feature in paraview...
>>> Regards!
>>> Fabian
>>> matt at mail.bettencourt.info schrieb am 01/30/2008 05:35 PM:
>>>> i have just started myself down this road, here is something that i 
>>>> have
>>>> been playing with.
>>>> http://www.bettencourt.info/test.py
>>>> Hope that it helps, it reads in some frames and makes pngs using the
>>>> threshold filter, but you can swap that out
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>  Does someone have examples of python script (pvpython or pvbatch)?
>>>>>  I need to load a VTK file, filter is thru ProbeLine and save the
>>>>> result in a png file (snapshot). I look at Servermanager2 tutorial
>>>>> but didn't succeed to do what I want. Here what I guessed from the
>>>>> interactive help:
>>>>> from paraview import servermanager
>>>>> connection=servermanager.Connect('localhost')
>>>>> reader=servermanager.sources.LegacyVTKFileReader(FileNames="/tmp/He.vtk") 
>>>>> reader.UpdateVTKObkject()
>>>>> filter=servermanager.filters.ProbeLine(Input=reader, Source=
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>>>>>                                           Olivier.
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