[Paraview] Extract Block not working properly?

OSHIMA Takuya oshima at eng.niigata-u.ac.jp
Wed Feb 20 22:09:27 EST 2008


The recent major changes in composite datasets for the CVS head looks
very intersting. However I have a problem: the Extract Block filter
for a single node with multiple datasets doesn't work as intended.

That is, when I only have Node 0 under Root, even if I deselct some of
the datasets under the node I still see the complete detasets as
output. But if I have 2 nodes under Root and deselect some of the
datasets under Node 0, Extract Block works exactly as intended
(removes deselcted datasets).

Further, I found by removing the following code at lines 109-114 of
ParaView3/VTK/Graphics/vtkExtractBlock.cxx the filter works as
intended for a single node composite dataset.

  if (this->Indices->find(0) != this->Indices->end())
    // trivial case.
    return 1;

I wonder what is the intension of this piece of code...?


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